​​​​I Treat the Cause, Not the Symptoms!

Peggy R.  / June 10, 2016

I had been to an orthopedic specialist to see what could be done to treat the severe pain in my shoulder. An MRI had shown several problems. He told me there was nothing he could do. 1 would just have to expect this kind of thing because I am old. My medical doctor referred me to Amiyna to treat the pain in my right shoulder. The results have been amazing! They have far exceeded my expectations. After working on various home improvements during the week, my shoulder is stiff and painful and 1 have difficulty sleeping comfortably. I leave my appointment with movement restored and ready to tackle my next project and I know I will have several nights of good sleep. It has become my routine to save my projects for the days before my massage therapy so that Amiyna can fix whatever soreness I cause. Amiyna has also aided my recovery from the hip replacement surgery that I had during the time that I was being treated for the shoulder injury. Massage therapy reduced the numbness and mobility and helped loosen up the scar tissue.

I always look forward to my weekly massage therapy. It is the highlight of my week. Amivna's training and expertise in a wide variety of techniques enables her to effectively treat my pain in several different ways. That makes it possible to find the most effective treatment. I often feel that I have received physical therapy as well as massage therapy. She takes time to pinpoint the exact location of the pain. Through stretching and massage she is able restore movement and reduce the pain. The general massage treatment is relaxing and absolutely heavenly while the stretching and therapeutic techniques are incredibly healing and effective. Together they are the perfect combination. I would only add that I will miss you greatly. Thank you so much.

Debra M. (blind since the age of 4) / July 24, 2016

It was important for me to obtain quick relief from pain through massage instead of all the addictive drugs I had been on previously.  I knew it would be a significant tool to move my healing along.  I received continued pain relief in my knees to escape surgery.  Progress and help/healing with my digestion tract, less stress in my life between each regular weekly massage, noticeably better flexibility, fluid movement in walking etc., better range of motion, noticeably different in ability to stand with better posture endurance while walking.  I love, appreciate, and benefit from your massage because you are right on target reading my body’s needs: stress, muscle tightness, pain level, etc. Thank you so much for providing the best and most affective massage I’ve had in the last twenty years from a dozen really great massage therapists! I’m confident that my God saved the “best for me last”.  Yea Amiyna!

Susan M. / May 21, 2016

My reason for coming to you was to get some relief from the arthritis pain and the stiffness when I get out of bed in the morning.  I was a little hesitant because I am 73 years old and never had a massage therapist before.  I guess I really didn’t have much hope that it would help.  After only a few massages it really helped with the morning stiffness when I get out of bed. It also helped a lot with my neck pain and the arthritis in my hands.  Amiyna just seemed to work with every muscle in my body and I left feeling so much better than when I came in.  Always! Amiyna you help me feel better about myself not just physically but mentally as well.

Maria A. / Oct 23, 2014

I wanted to relieve some lower back pain and knee pain.  I was more curious about how the massage was going to alleviate my issues. I have had relaxing massages in the past, but most of those massages were to relieve stress and not actual physical aliments.  I was amazed at the progress all over my body and not just my lower back and knee. I feel more energetic, relaxed and less pain all around. You are personable and professional and have great recommendations for the client to do at home in order to progress.  You also cater to the clients needs and if the client does not know what they want you help them in finding the right treatment. Thank you!

Steven A. / Oct 23, 2014

I came in initially with severe back, hip, knee pain/problems, daily ringing in my ears, as well as a few other additional issues. I was hoping that through the massages, that the pain could be reduced and allow me to get back to doing some things normally in my life, like walking long distances, or being able to perform house work for more than an hour.

I did initial have reservations that massage could work because I have seen various different massage therapist and chiropractors prior and did not receive positive results. So for the most part, I had lost faith in the massage and chiropractic medical fields to be able to help me out at all.

After getting my first massage I was still slightly skeptical, because I had not been relieved of much pain or problems, but you confidently explained that not all issues can be worked out in one or two sessions but you said you would get me back on my feet and doing normal things again. After about my first 4 massages, I was at the point where I only needed to take pain meds about once or twice a week, instead of every single day. I was going on longer walks, and being able to work on my yard and house for 2-4 hours easily. After about 8 massages, I was at the point where I might have taken a pain pill once every two weeks and that was if it was a physically demanding day. After about my 12th massage I am pretty much completely pain free, I am able to go on long hikes with my wife and dogs, able to work through the weekend doing yard work, painting, or anything else that needs to get done without being in much pain; and no more ringing in my ears.  On top of all of this, I have made an awesome friend.

A few more things I like specifically about your massages, is when I came to you and said I have problems X, Y, and Z, you actually took the time to focus on those areas, and explain why the muscles you were working on impacted the areas I was having problems with. You also took the time to help get me educated on various times regarding my muscles and the trigger points. You might not feel 100% better after your first massage, give it a few tries, and you will be. Amiyna will help out other areas of your body you did not know were even a problem yet and prevent it from being a problem.

I will continue to recommend people that could benefit from your massages. They have really helped me tremendously and if someone else can be helped and returned to normal life, like I have, it is worth its weight in gold. 

​Contrary to popular belief, you don't have to live with certain aches and pains! And it's not because you're getting old.  Age is a mindset!

Ann S. / May 22, 2016

My reason for getting a massage was tension headache relief. I was hopeful about having tension relief but was not optimistic about headache relief.  After only one session with Amiyna I had immediate and lasting tension relief and a dramatic improvement in the frequency and severity of migraine headaches.  I think your best attribute is that you listen and care about the patients well being.  That, coupled with the fact that you really know what your doing equals amazing results!  I don’t’ think most people have had a “real” massage.  Whatever issue a person has, I am confident that you could help them.  My husband still raves about his massage after his ACL reconstruction surgery.  It really helped loosen up his leg muscles and made recovery less painful for him.