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Chakra Healing Meditation for Busy People

In this guided meditation class we will focus on correct (birth) breathing and then you’ll be shown a few 5 minute meditation techniques to incorporate in your daily busy Life.  We will take a meditation pledge at the beginning of class.  This is not just a sit down, close your eyes, meditate and listen to me talk class; you'll have to participate in your healing! Towards the end of meditation I will be going around to each person to perform Reiki (Healing Touch) as well and then we'll have a brief discussion.

$20 per person

Group Travel Rate is 30 per person / Minimum 5 People

This is a meditation class and will start on time so any late comers will not be allowed.

Children’s Story Time and Meditation

In this class our children will learn to breathe correctly, then we will read a positive self-esteem book and then meditate.  Some of the meditation benefits for our children are: helps memory and concentration, improve relationships at home and at school, reduce stress, decreases aggressiveness and anxieties, improves behavior and attitude, improves focus, and promotes inner peace.

Ages 8 to 12 years old

$10 per child

Will Travel to You - Minimum 5 Children

This is a meditation class and will start on time so any late comers will not be allowed.


Self-Care Home Massage Class

This class consists of Massage demonstrations so wear loose fitting clothing.  Bring a yoga mat and two pillows.  You will learn different techniques to alleviate minor aches and pains at home.  For example low back and neck pain, sinus relief, sciatica, carpal tunnel, migraines, TMJ (Jaw), tired eyes, acid reflux, and a 5 minute technique using your fingers to relax daily.  Each class will focus on one to two techniques depending on class size.

It is highly recommended that you bring a partner to practice with?

$75 per person / prepay 5 days prior to class

Will Travel to You - Minimum 6


Who Am I? Personality Test

Feeling stuck in your Life?

Ready to make a career change but not sure what that is?

You’ll take a FUN personality test that will help you understand who you are as well as...​

  • What are my keys to personal success

  • What are my career options

  • What are my natural gifts and hidden talents

  • What stresses me out and how to recognize those stresses and much more.....

$75 per person group rate (5 or more)

Individual Rate $120 / prepay 5 days prior to class

Will Travel To You


Life Coaching

Most of us think of a coach in terms of sports.  Sports coaches teach, train, and encourage.  They pass on their wisdom and life experience to their players.  A life coach can be thought of in much the same way with one significant difference; life coaches focus on you, helping you along your individual life path.

 Each of us has a personal journey.  Each of us needs different life coaches at different times.  You might be interested in a spiritual coach.  Perhaps you wish to focus on a specific area such as wellness or a career change.  No matter which, life coaches work with you so you can live your best life.

 1st 90 Minute Session $150

All other sessions 1 hour $100

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Pre-registration is required for all classes and must paid 5 days prior to each class

No Refunds

Payment for any missed class can be put toward a future class