Life Experiences since 1970

March 2014 - Certified in Chakra Meditation

November 2014 - Life Coach - I bring new perspective and meaning to different aspects of your Life that you may not have thought of.  Several of my clients have asked if I do couples counseling and my response is no because you have to work out your individual stuff first before you can come together and enhance each other.

June 2012 - Certified Reiki Practitioner (Energy Healing)

June 2009 - Massage Therapist - Proudly attended ASHA (Academy of Somatic Healing Arts) and every year taking continuing education to better assist your needs.

April 2009 - Certified in True Colors - Following your Life Path to your talents, true values, gifts and the work  you love.

November 2008 – CASA Volunteer (Court Appointed Special Advocate) in Clayton County.


October 2008 – My Sister's House in Atlanta.  2 of my massage classmates and I use to give chair massages once a month at the shelter for women.

July 2000 - Supervisor/Manger in the hospitality industry

September 1980 - Administrative Assistant /Secretary

MY history

It’s amazing what we can do when we come together.

Mission Statement

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Amiyna, Reiki Practitioner, Life Coach and Massage Therapist

In my seven year volunteer status with Clayton County’s Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) [], working with children ranging in ages infant to 16 years old, I realized one of the main components missing from their lives was calm and peace. In order for us to have a better world it has to start with our children.  They have to learn how to be calm in the mist of the many storms they face in their Life and to build their self-esteem.

 I have raised 3 beautiful, peaceful, calm children with high self-esteem which is why I decided to start a Children’s Story Time Meditation.  Our children will learn to breathe correctly, be read a positive self-esteem book and then meditate.  For the adults we must learn as well to be calm and at peace in the mist of our busy daily lives and then teach it to our children.

 Meditation is about being in the present moment and not just about sitting for hours at a time, which most people find a challenge.

WHy I Started children Meditation classes


We all go through things in Life but sometimes require the assistance of a non-bias person to see a new way.  I am that non-bias, nonjudgmental, caring person that you can turn to for the support you may require during those down moments or when you just want direction in your Life.  Your health and well-being is important not only to you but to those around you, so think about adding Massage, Reiki and Life Coaching to your health regimen.

I look forward to traveling this journey with you!

Wishing you Healing, Health and Happiness! 

To empower individuals by assisting them in realizing their potential to create a Life of congruency.